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Would you like a one-on-one coaching session to help you start crafting powerful communication, including specific feedback on a proposal or important email?

For December and January we are clearing out our calendars and making time to do this high value, one-on-one coaching at the two most vital times of year,

  • End of year when you are trying to organise work for the new year, and
  • January when your work pipeline is usually short and you need to secure clients.

What will it cost?

We want to make this offer extremely accessible, so we are offering the service for only $49 to anyone who registers before November 27.
If you register after the 27th the full price will be $179. So make sure you book early to secure your place and the early-bird price.

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Your Coaches

Luke Photo

Luke Farrugia

Luke has been working with the web for over a decade. With a focus on optimising client sites to increase profitability (Sometimes by double). He has a passion for coaching others in order to help them gain traction in their own career.

Jonathan Photo

Jonathan Wold

Successful WordPress consultant and mentor, Jonathan has worked with Fortune 500 companies, closed 7-figure contracts and loves helping newcomers and established professionals alike grow.

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  • Price: $179.00
    Standard Rate
  • After our coaching and review session, when you find your next potential client and would like a review of an email or proposal you can take advantage of this credit so you can come back at any time and ask for a review.
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