Would you like to stop guessing your next step and simply hoping for the best in your freelancing career?

Do you ever feel isolated? Like you wish you had a community of people around you, who were headed in the same direction. People you could turn to for advice and camaraderie?

I know exactly what that is like.

I didn’t come from an entrepreneurial family. My friends were all on the employee pathway. I felt alone, and lacked direction.

Fast-forward to today, I have people around me who I know I can trust. People I can ask for advice, and through these people have come some of my greatest opportunities.

What I am saying is, I know first hand how powerful coaching and community can be when they are paired together.

That is why we are opening up applications for our coaching community.

You will have access to our private Slack channel so you can interract with the other members as well as Jonathan and myself.

On top of this you will get two scheduled group calls per month with Jonathan and I, where you can get specific feedback and tactical advice from us.

To ensure the quality of this group, it is not open to just anyone. We want to have a conversation with every applicant to ensure that the group is indeed the smartest move for them.

We are making this available exclusively to the Creating Clients community for $100/month. I wan’t you to think about the effect this could have on your career for just a minute… I recieved an email this week from a client of ours saying…

“Since we spoke, I applied something I learned from your email script, and within two weeks, a new client hired me for $12,000 (!!!). This is the largest job I’ve ever landed in my freelance business, by far, and it means I’m finally on track to truly support myself and my family, doing work I enjoy.”


Not surprisingly, that email made my day… The point that I am getting at is, If that is the kind of results Joe is getting, $100/month is a very small price to pay.

If being a part of our group would make a real difference to your life and your business, please apply below.

Community Application