How and when to Negotiate

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  • How and when to Negotiate
    • Negotiation is sometimes necessary especially with price-motivated clients
    • Minimise by knowing their budget
    • If they resist the price take the approach of serving their needs, start suggesting elements of the project your can remove to make it more affordable, sometimes they will get very uncomfortable with this because they dont want to lose certain features meaning the will happily leave the budget where it is. If they are happy going without, you are both winning because the project is cheaper for them and easier for you.
    • If for some reason you feel the need to lower your price (eg: it is a project you really want to do like a charity you believe in etc) and leave the scope untouched, it is vital that you make it clear to them you are volunteering a portion of your time to the project and they are aware what the full value is. this is to avoid you getting a reputation for doing cheap work (not a rep you want).
    • Be confident, dont get defensive
    • Before you start agree that you are happy to lose the project if it is not a good fit for you.

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