Helping web professionals transition from employee to entrepreneur.

We provide the tools and training you need to close deals, earn what you are worth and experience freelance freedom.
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Build a successful freelancing business

We provide the tools and training you need to close deals, earn what you are worth and experience freelance freedom.

How do you create great clients?

Contrary to what most people think, clients are not interested in the hours you are going to work on their project. They are far more interested in the value you are going to deliver.

So when you are communicating with a potential client you need to know how to convey value to them in order to secure the sale, but here is a tip: The value delivery starts at the first point of contact, not when the project begins.

We teach you how to do this in a way that won’t hurt your business and will also allow you to serve more (and better) clients than you thought possible.

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Jonathan Wold

Successful WordPress consultant and mentor, Jonathan has worked with Fortune 500 companies, closed 7-figure contracts and loves helping Industry professionals take it to the next level.

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Luke Farrugia

Luke has been working with the web for over a decade. With a focus on optimising client sites to increase profitability (Sometimes by double). He has a passion for coaching others in order to help them gain traction in their own career.

The Podcast

Ep9: How to close 80%+ of your sales

If you have every wondered why some people close 80% of their sales leads while others only close 20% you will love this episode.  Jonathan, and I interview veteran agency owner Chris Swemba and explore his sales process (which we were surprised to find mirrors...

Ep8: New year Q&A Session

In this episode we get together to talk about how to get the most out of the new year as well as answer a load of questions from our community. We had a great time recording it and hope you have a great time listening to it!

Ep:7 What should you be charging?

The questions of “What should I charge?” is one that seems to show up in my inbox all the time. So in order to answer that very question for you, I invited Tim Bouchard, one of the great thought-leaders in the area of pricing to share his answers to this sometimes thorny question.

“Jonathan is one of the best. You’re going to love his courses!” Matt Geri

Entrepreneur/WordPress Developer

“Since we spoke, I applied something I learned from your email script, and within two weeks, a new client hired me for $12,000 (!!!). This is the largest job I’ve ever landed in my freelance business, by far, and it means I’m finally on track to truly support myself and my family, doing work I enjoy.” Joe

Conversion Specialist

Here is what we have for you

  • A step-by-step guide to building a WordPress-powered website for your business – even if you’ve had no prior experience.
  • 15+ specific strategies for getting your first web development client.
  • Bonus: A list of the resources and tools I use to run and grow my freelance business

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