How To Write Proposals Via Email

How To Write Proposals Via Email

In this episode we start with a recap of episode #3 (How To Start Conversations With Potential Clients) and then dive right in to the two principles of writing proposals via email. Then we look at the 7 elements of a proposal and explore each element in detail.

Episode Highlights

  • Anything that can be misunderstood will be. Work hard to make sure that the details of your proposal are as clear as possible. Keep context and the knowledge-level of the decision maker in mind.
  • Less is best. While working to include all the important details work just as hard to cut out anything that’s not really needed. Keep the process, your recommendations, and the “next steps” you suggest as simple as possible.

Episode Notes

Visit the show notes page ( for the examples I cited in this episode and a complete email proposal example.

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