Helping new entrepreneurs start expertise based businesses

We’re on a mission to help 1000 New Entrepreneurs create their First Client and develop a thriving Open Web-Based Consulting Practice

Have you ever dreamed of leaving your job to fly solo but never quite got the courage to make the leap?

Or maybe you tried before but the clients just didn’t show up?

My name is Luke Farrugia and I really hate sleazy, pressure selling “I’ll make you rich” sales courses, I really do. It grates against my core values and seems to promote deception and emotional manipulation.

If I am going to win a client I want it to be because there is:

  • A respectful, positive relationship
  • A clear opportunity for me to serve them
  • A sense that I have their best interest in mind (and I actually do).

This is why back in 2012 when my freelance web design business was tanking I found a coach who shared my values and knew the industry well. His name was Jonathan Wold.

Jonathan totally reshaped my understanding of sales and business development, he helped me understand how to communicate with clients and become a trusted advisor in their eyes. This overhaul had the added benefit of tripling my average project value and moving me into a totally different chapter.

Fast forward some years and Jonathan and I are now working together on this Creating Clients project to help you do the same thing.

Our mission is to help 1000 people land client #001.

Free Course

If you want to start your journey, we have done our best to put everything you need to get started into this free course called “Four Weeks to Your First Client”.

It includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to building a WordPress-powered website for your business – even if you’ve had no prior experience.
  • 15+ specific strategies for getting your first web development client.
  • Bonus: A list of the resources and tools I use to run and grow my freelance business

Or if you want to supercharge your growth…

We have built the service I wish I had when I was starting out.

The Creating Clients coaching community is a group of people who are on the same path as you. It is a place to enjoy community, accountability and get equipped to build the business you want.


Written by…

Luke Farrugia

Luke has been working with the web for over a decade. With a focus on optimising client sites to increase profitability (Sometimes by double). He has a passion for coaching others in order to help them gain traction in their own career