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I know exactly what it is like to grind for years trying to make it as a freelancer. It is frustrating going through life not sure about your next step and having no one who really understands to share the journey with. Thats why we created the Creating Clients Community.

Inside we share decades of our experience to help you bypass a lot of adversity so you can reach your goals faster with a great group of people around you.

We stop the pain, give guidance, celebrate victories and succeed together.

I joined Creating Clients with zero web design experience, and relatively no sales tactics. Since joining, I’ve learned how to design full scale websites along with market myself and close on clients. The ROI has been amazing and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to get into the industry to join Creating Clients Jonah

Freelance Web Designer

By the way, Jonah multiplied his investment by 7x in the first 6 months

What you get when you join

2x Group Calls/month

Twice a month you have the chance to join a group coaching call where I will be available to answer questions and help you find direction for your next step.

Access to Training Library

We have a library of training videos to help you with everything from following up leads to pricing and productivity. The Library is also always growing as new questions come up.

Access to the community

Everyone who joins the community gets access to the private Slack channel where you can get accountability, ask questions and learn from the rest of the Creating Clients family.

Communication examples

We post real email threads we have had with clients that have secured sales to help you see what works and improve your skills.

Accountability partners

Everyone who join the group is encouraged to connect with an accountability partner in the community, this is someone you can share your journey with and push each other on to excellence.

Premium workshops

We periodically host online workshops with specialists in certain areas (eg: development, project management, proposals etc) as a member you get access to these workshops for free.


Dramatically increase your Rates

When you learn how to communicate value to your clients you will be able to significantly raise your rates so you are getting paid appropriately for the value you are providing.

Find Freedom

When you have a successful freelancing business you can live life on your own terms by working remotely and building in time for what is important to you.

Build Recurring income

We can teach you how to build Recurring income so your finances are more predictable and you can work less.

Find more Clients

We focus on finding ways to connect with clients in order to serve them, not sell to them, the money you recieve is a byproduct of the value you provide, understanding this will help you find better clients, more often.

Great client Relationships

It is inevitable that some projects will not work out well, but if you know how to build great client relationships you will avoid much of this pain and have significantly less stress.

A Better Family Life

Having a healthy Freelancing career can bring your family both financial security and give you more time to spend with them.

"If you want the success you have never had, it will require methods you have never tried. This is a community of people who, like you, are willing to step into the unknown and be pioneers."

-Luke Farrugia

Frequently Asked Questions

I am only just getting started, is it too early to join?
The earlier you join the sooner you can be applying our techniques, but if you arent ready to invest in joining the community just yet, our free course is probably the best fit for your needs, you can sign up for that below and when you are ready to step up you can always come back.


I am already successful can I still benefit?
Absolutely.  Would you like to win more sales and have fewer nightmare clients? The skills we teach are not only useful to early-stage owners, but seasoned operators who just want to reclaim their business and their sanity from painful clients and an under-optimised (stressful) sales process.
What if I am not satisfied?
If we do work together, we are totally confident that you will receive great value from our community, so we are happy to provide a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
Will I need any special technology?
All you will need is a modern computer (with a microphone) and a broadband internet connection.

We generally conduct our calls over Google Hangouts, which means you probably have everything you need already, and if you don’t, it is free and easy to download anyway!

The other main technology we use is Google Docs for sharing and editing documents together when the need arises and Slack for IM.

How much will it cost?
It is important to us that all our members get an amazing return on their investment and we also want to ensure the community is affordable as possible so membership is $100/month.
We recognise that there are a lot of people out there promising the world and only delivering a fraction of what they claim. We are so sure you will love our community we are offering a 100% 30 day money back guarantee.
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Still not sure?

If you are wondering if this is a good match for you, book a free one-on-one coaching call below. Even if you never join I guarantee you will be glad you did.