Entrepreneurial Burnout

Burnout is a big deal and people in the entrepreneurial space are particularly susceptible to it, Both Jonathan and I [Luke] have been there – more than once. In this episode we tackle the topic and how to avoid it and how to recover when you do experience it. [0:00] Intro [1:15] Defining Burnout [3:20] Why do Entrepreneurs […]

Kaleb’s First Sale – $2000

This is our first community Spotlight episode where we look at the experiences of our Creating Clients Coaching Community members.  Kaleb has been a part of our community for just over a month and he recently made his first sale so he is here to share some inspiration with you guys! ​​We talk about how […]

How to Select a Niche

Defining who you are serving allows you to serve them better, it also lets you find more of the right clients. In this episode we talk through the different kinds of niche and how you can pick the best one for you. I also want to give a shout out to our latest coaching community […]