New Year Q&A Session with Luke and Jonathan

New Year Q&A Session with Luke and Jonathan

This is a wide ranging episode covering everything from how to think about change and risk, through to tactical advice on how to find clients.
Time Index

  • 0:27 Our own new-year processes and habits,
  • 7:05 – The Problem with new years resolutions
  • 13:37 – Jonathan almost becomes a stand-up comedian – story
  • 15:13 – How do you think about risk?
  • 20:30 – What would be the number one way to get at least one new client in the next week?
  • 23:29 – How do you start a cold interaction?
  • 30:54 – If you had to start all over again from scratch, what would your primary focus be on (ie. technical wordpress skills, project management, a
    certain client niche)?
  • 36:34 – What’s the best way to share projects as a team so everyone’s working strong, with integrity, and making good money without burning out individually. How to command a project without being undervalued by the client or potential client, especially on freelance sites.
  • 42:45 – Can you show us or demonstrate how a person with the willingness to learn, a laptop and wifi connection can start a web business with $0 investment?
  • 49:53 – What would be your best advice for someone looking to grow their freelance career this year?