Sales process with Chris Swemba

by Luke Farrugia, Jonathan Wold & Chris Swemba

If you have every wondered why some people close 80% of their sales leads while others only close 20% you will love this episode.  Jonathan, and I interview veteran agency owner Chris Swemba and explore his sales process (which we were surprised to find mirrors ours!).

In this episode we talk about how to qualify leads, what questions to ask, how to guarantee the client will love your proposal and more.

So get your note pad, headphones and buckle up for an excellent value-packed conversation.

You can find Chris at or his new project

Discovery Form

Download the discovery form Chris mentioned during the show!

Time Index

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:58] About Chris
  • [03:23] High level overview of sales process
  • [05:16] Why is a sales process important/how did you come to this process yourself?
  • [10:45] Why should I qualify leads?
  • [14:22] How do you qualify a clients?
  • [27:23] Discovery Stage
  • [34:07] Take us through the Proposal process
  • [41:12] Closing the sale
  • [53:28] Wrap-up/final thoughts