Jonathan's story

by Jonathan Wold & Luke Farrugia

In this episode Jonathan shares his story from his first entrepreneurial experience selling Banana bread door to door as a child, through to WordPress development and working with Fortune500 Companies.

In this story you will hear many of the underlying principles that you can apply in your own journey to constantly improve, limit the growing pains and reach your goals.

Jonathan Photo

Jonathan Wold

Successful WordPress consultant and mentor, Jonathan has worked with Fortune 500 companies, closed 7-figure contracts and loves helping Industry professionals take it to the next level.

Time Index

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [2:20] Background
  • [3:00] Selling Banana Bread
  • [5:40]First Web Development experience
  • [7:00] First Client
  • [8:45] First Published article
  • [9:00] Early client experiences
  • [12:45] How did you find clients
  • [15:07] Lifting prices
  • [17:15] How to get noticed in a crowded marketplace?
  • [20:11] What were your biggest challenges
  • [22:27] Big Wins: Celebrities, Massive clients and more
  • [24:44] Should Entrepreneurs create product or service businesses?
  • [28:36] What is the difference between a freelancer and an Entrepreneur?
  • [33:53] What are the underlying principles of your success?
  • [36:33] What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?
  • [38:35] How to tell if you are equipped to be an entrepreneur.
  • [40:40] Wrapping up